27-Year Piano Coach, Mr. Alex Leow, Is Frequently Asked...


          The answer is “YES”. Most of our star students can’t even read notes to save their lives in their first lesson.  If you want to play the piano beautifully and enjoy the freedom to make your own music, then this is the most important letter you will ever read all year.

Dear Aspiring Pianist,

     My name is Alex Leow and I teach students to play the piano easily and make their own music without wasting years in frustration. More importantly, I help them make music an enjoyable part of their life and a dream come true for themselves and others.

     I know this because my team and I have listened to all 5,109 of my students play the piano after using my methods. And if you’re interested, I will show you how to do this for yourself quickly and easily right now without spending a fortune on traditional piano lessons.

     I’m writing this letter to you right now for 2 very important reasons:

  1. I want to warn you about a chronic problem traditional music teachers make that robs you of the ability to play the piano correctly.

  2. There is a better, faster, and easier way to play the piano. I want to teach this to you because others who taught this get it wrong most of the time.


     The most common problem I hear students have when trying to learn the piano sounds something like this:

     “After wasting money on difficult piano lessons, I banged the piano keys in frustration after practising dead scales and getting it wrong 12 times in a row. I’m ready to light the boring practice book on fire and toss it out the window together with the metronome. It’s hard to commit 4 hours of practice a day and I’m tired of practising the same graded songs for months. When do I get to play the songs I truly enjoy? That’s the whole reason why I wanted to learn in the first place.”

     Some think it’s too late for them...

     “I’m not very musical and my age is catching up with me. My eyesight and memory is not as good as it used to be so I’m not sure if I can learn anything new these days, much less something that takes years to learn like playing the piano. Can I really move my fingers around the keys like they do on TV? Mine feels stiff. Gosh... the notes are too small for me to read and the book’s glue spine keeps closing up the moment I lay if flat on the piano. I think it’s too difficult for my age.

      And some gave up altogether:

      “I was playing the piano under a strict teacher a long time ago. I hated it when she rapped my hand every time I made a mistake. There must be something wrong with my playing because my wrist hurt. Music theory was difficult and I didn’t understand how that was going to help my playing. I thought of learning the piano again since I already have the basics anyway. It’s just that I don’t look forward to going through the same motions again. I still enjoy music, but I don’t think I’d ever play the songs like I used to, let alone play like those better than me. I’m actually very afraid, like I’ve forgotten all of it.

     Sounds familiar?

     I have good news. Everything you heard above is UNNECESSARY and AVOIDABLE. We had many students who started just like that, thinking they are untalented or they need special god-given skills to play the piano. But after just a few sessions, they all reach the same realization very quickly.

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     Let me explain...

     The traditional way of teaching piano is both demanding and flawed. To play a decent song, a beginner has to execute several activities perfectly at the same time.

     Imagine this, you are forced to learn to read notes (count line by line to find proper keys), keep count of time, step on & release  the pedal at the correct time and then land the correct finger on the correct key.

     While playing, you have to pay attention to the softer and louder signals when they appear, play with both hands, and do all this while deciphering symbols and special terms written in Italian, German, or French!

     It’s like learning to drive a stick manual car at the age of 7!

     Not only is it daunting, but most of the time is spent figuring out which keys to play rather than playing it. The work is already “too difficult” before the fingers touch the keys. Even if you play everything as shown in the book, it doesn’t mean the music will sound good.

     On top of that, the syllabus spans several years of rigid sight-reading, interval reading, oral classes, and music history. This is not a bad thing, but very often it is taught without any attention to the enjoyment of the music. Students officially regret taking lessons like these and dread practices to the extent they have to be dragged to attend classes.

     What’s worse, if you keep playing for the sake of playing without a proper understanding of what you are doing, then you risk hurting your fingers and quit playing altogether.

     For almost 3 decades, I have successfully taught students who deemed themselves too old or “untalented” to play the piano. Every one of them invariably advanced faster than other students trained in the traditional music system – without fail. My methods work because it took me an entire lifetime of research and studying to figure it out.

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     At 9 years old, my brother taught me to play my first song – “Auld Lang Syne”. I picked up the pitch and rhythm automatically even when I didn’t know what the words meant. Since then, I experimented with every melody I heard on all the instruments I touched – accordion, harmonica, Chinese bamboo flute, recorder, guitar, organ, and of course... the piano.

     I didn’t know it at the time, but I was learning to play music the same way great musicians did. I love it more than anything else. It’s almost like rediscovering a lost memory, like I knew how to do this before.

     Then, the most tragic incident crushed my talent and passion for music - my father hired a music teacher!

     It was my first foray in the traditional music education system. All the teachers taught music the traditional way and I was forced to follow a rigid, learning system of music theory and dry technical knowledge. I lost my “feel” for music completely and played like a robot.

     I didn’t mind practising the dead scales and other “drills”, I was just never taught why I was practising them, or how to understand music better, or how to construct it with my own flavour. I felt so frustrated and distant with the strange new songs and played nothing of the music I once loved. The longer I stayed, the worse I played.

     I stopped lessons after 6 months.

     Years later while dabbling with a guitar, a classmate taught me to understand a song book with only chords printed above the melody. One fine day, with no song book, I find my fingers going for the right chords automatically, somehow sensing the right harmony to play.

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     The musical instrument was part of my body, like they are connected to my fingers, arms, and my body. As an adult, I joined a music company determined to get better and it exposed me to many different genre and styles of music. It was a steep learning curve, but in retrospect, my holistic style of teaching that I use today can all be traced back to that early experience.

     One day, in 1982, I delivered an organ to a local performance hall where a newspaper’s annual charity dinner was held. When I arrived, my boss dragged me to perform on stage impromptu. I wasn’t prepared for it. Heck, I was all sweaty, grimy and wasn’t even dressed for the occasion!

     It was my first public performance and there were more than a hundred people in the hall.

     And then I played...

     The next day, my picture was splashed all over the country in the newspaper daily. After all the struggles and sacrifices, it was a great feeling to see my own performance enjoyed by others.


My first impromptu public performance where I played for more than a hundred people.

     Since then, I became more determined and hungry in my musical development. But something didn’t feel right.

     I noticed that everything I’ve learned up to that point could have been taught to me using a better and faster method. I discovered many alternatives in which music could be learnt and made more enjoyable. Yet, everyone taught using the same old boring techniques.

     In those days, I had to stand nearby good performers and observe what they were doing. I asked them what they did, but even the best performers could not explain something that comes so natural to them. Even my best mentor who studied under the legendary Sadao Watanabe had to use complex theories to articulate the ideas across it to me.

     After much studying and experimenting, I finally broke the code. I could easily transfer my piano playing skills to a beginner and accelerate their progress. Over the period of teaching and re-teaching this technique to thousands of students, I have refined this method which I still use to this day.

subhead 7

     I call it the Play By Ear method.

     It doesn't matter if you have zero music knowledge or gave up on traditional piano lessons in the past, Play By Ear gives you the ability to play any song you want with as little practice as possible.

      Gone are the days of reading notes, memorizing meaningless theory, and playing boring exercises again and again until the neighbours complain.

     How? By using the very most efficient tool you have to learn music naturally
– Your Ears.

     Play By Ear removes all that drudgery. Not only will you progress quicker – up to 12 times faster – but you also develop a better understanding of what goes on every time you play. In fact, you will discover how to make your songs sound even better as you continue to play with this technique!

     This skill, once trained, is actually universally relevant to players of all levels! It’s not an accident that many of our students progressed to different instruments like guitar, drums, and even electronic keyboard. In fact, even the most advanced student play better after learning Play By Ear.

     Here’s how it works...

     You will listen – and feel – the music. When it’s time play, you simply transfer the same sounds and moods onto the piano naturally. The trick is to train your musical instincts to play as naturally as possible. Melodies will fall under your fingers easily. You would not believe your ears when your hands are playing the exact music you heard.

     And that’s where my Play By Ear method comes in.

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  1. I eliminated all the complicated and confusing theories. Everything you need to know has been simplified, reviewed, and carefully integrated into each lesson in plain layman language without watering down its meaning. You will play piano and learn music theory without even realizing it. This will lay the groundwork for you to recognize and feel the entire melody through listening.

  2. Play immediately. Within the first few minutes you will apply the Play By Ear method. The proper techniques and moves are introduced one step at a time so everything fits together perfectly. Each bite-size lesson sets you up for the next and builds your skills up until playing by ear becomes as easy as listening to your heart beat.

  3. Enjoy music and have more freedom. You won’t be trapped feeling bored, unmotivated, and disinterested. There’s no pressure and there’s no one to race against to the finish line. With my lessons, you will find yourself spending more time at the piano because it doesn’t feel like practice at all. The more you follow the lessons, the more you want to keep playing.

     Before long you will be playing some of the most beautiful melodies you never dreamed possible. Your fingers will move so easily and fluently across the keys and you can even do all sorts of tricks with the left hand. Just listen to the music, sing the tune, and your fingers will do the rest.







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     In 2004, I took the entire Play By Ear curriculum and revised the lessons into 70+ step-by-step instruction videos. It was re-designed so a student with zero experience can progress and play well using both hands without extra assistance. The videos are so good we still use it as the main teaching tool in my music center to this day.

     My partner, Dr. Vincent Lee, taught the lessons and demonstrated every technique as how I carefully designed it. Vincent was most experienced in teaching the Play By Ear technique and he carefully organized it in bite-size pieces so no one would be overwhelmed. He will hold you by the hand and guide you through every single detail as how we conduct our live classes so you never get bored, stuck, or frustrated.

     If you want a responsible and patient teacher who really cares, then I could not have chosen a better person to deliver high-quality lessons.

     Sadly, Vincent died in 2009.

     These videos are not only his legacy, it’s a labor of love. For the first time ever, I’m making these videos available to the public to honor his relentless effort to help his students experience the small joys of making music. It’s called the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course.

     Here’s what you will discover in this complete package:

  • An effective technique to sense and make music easily that any beginner can use. In fact, you’re already doing this unknowingly.

  • 2 important elements you must use to figure out and reproduce any song on the piano all by yourself.

  • How to trust your instincts to play the song accurately if not better.

  • A deceivingly simple tool to play the piano like a seasoned professional musician.

  • Stop pressing all the wrong keys! Learn the easy way to move up and down the piano keys without tangling or injuring your fingers – especially when changing keys.

  • A painless way to play notes when your fingers are not long enough to reach.

  • How to capture the song in your mind accurately and then play every detail without breaking into a sweat. With the special Play By Ear technique, you can even visualize this and find distinctions in music that sound almost alike.

  • How to transfer your singing to the piano. This lesson trains your music memory and guides you to “sing” through the piano keys.

  • 4-step formula to create deeper and more colourful music. Turn any simple melody in your head into a complete orchestra-like piano piece.

  • Create happiness, sadness, mystery, fear, anticipation, and other moods with these easy-to-use techniques. You don’t even have to listen very hard to do it correctly.

  • Why it is important to “balance” every song and how to do it correctly.

  • Play with passion – A great way to create atmosphere, fuller tones, and texture in your music with simple tweaks. Professional musicians keep this secret as a must-have tool of the trade and now you can have it too.

  • Turn any ugly sounding music and boring song into an improvised version of your own. This lesson alone makes your songs sound beautiful and perfect.

  • The right way to get every melody correct when you play it. Plus: A foolproof technique to make your playing soothing and pleasing to the ear.

  • Not prepared to play when asked to perform last minute? Use these easy song improvisation ideas to make music on the spot.

  • Find out how to play the accompaniment for any type of songs, even the most stubborn ones with difficult fingerings.

  • 6 ways to create anticipation and build it for a climatic end. Every ‘aspiring’ musician must learn how to do this but very few are taught to do it correctly.

  • Play more beautifully without complicated techniques. 5 master musician trade secrets for turning simple songs into a variety of beautiful renditions.

  • Keep to the rhythm automatically every time without skipping a beat. It’s as easy as putting your hand on your chest and feeling the pulse - even for tricky songs when the music plays first before the accompaniment starts.

  • A unique technique to add excitement to your music (only for the piano).

  • How to compose your own music with the feelings you want your listeners to have. You can uplift the melody, bring it down, jolt your listeners awake, then release them, and a lot more. You will discover a lot about music that you never learned before and it’s only halfway through the lesson.

  • Discover how hotel and nightclub performers play an entire repertoire of songs almost by heart.

  • How to finish your song with a strong and memorable ending.

  • How to play in a continuous flow with no awkward interruptions – even when your fingers get tired.

  • A toolbox full of tips and tricks to make playing advanced music easy with minimal practice.

  • Read music the way real performing musicians do. After you mastered playing by ear, you can enjoy more music with this easy-to-learn “lead-sheet technique” that most piano teachers don’t even bother teaching.

  • The easiest way to master and apply all 48 scales, 144 chords, 12 keys signatures, and accompaniment to make any piece of music sound great. Shave away years of practice with these techniques. Plus, a special formula to quickly and easily find all the scales notes and chord placements on the piano.

  • And much, much more...

     If you think this list is long, rest assured that I’ve spent my entire career transferring my playing skills to students. This is a tremendous learning tool – by far the fastest way to play the piano starting from scratch.

     By now you might be thinking, how much is this all going to cost?

     Here’s the good news: It is way cheaper than you think.

     If you hire a traditional piano teacher for private lessons, the good ones will charge you anywhere between $45 - $75 for 30 minutes per week. Unfortunately, you have to pay for 2 year’s worth of lessons before you attain Grade 1 level playing skills ie. Beginner’s and Grade 1. Even if you hire the cheapest teacher, you will still end up forking $4,680.00 just to be able to play simple songs.

     That’s enough to buy another piano! Imagine doing this for 7 more years and increasing the fee as you progress. You will waste too much time and money learning to play. You will get better, assuming the frustration and financial burden does not destroy your passion first.

     Using the Play By Ear technique cost you a lot less money and can save you years of ear-ache. If you train in our music centers, you can get up to Grade 3 level starting from no experience in a matter of weeks for only $713.00. That’s a total of $3,967.00 in savings for much better results. But it gets even better, you don’t even have to pay for one tenth of that...

     If you invest in the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course, you will get all the 70+ step-by-step instruction videos for only $297.00. The reason why you pay a lot less is because you don’t have to cover my rent, fuel, and other operating expenses to teach you the very same skills.

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     I’m very excited to announce that I’m busy upgrading the Play By Ear Self Learning course into a password-protected learning site. This new membership site will use the latest technology and cutting edge learning tools to accelerate your progress but will obviously costs more money to maintain. 

     Since I’m raising funds to hire programmers (this is a big project), I’m giving you a special discount right now which will never be repeated again once I launch the membership site with a higher price tag.

     For a very limited time, your enrolment fee is only $297 $197.00 $147.00 (You save another $50). If you act today, I will grant you a 1 year complimentary membership to this site once launched - at no extra cost! This is the lowest enrolment investment for the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course ever offered and it will expire.  When? I can only say soon. But once this promotion ends, it will never be up again.

     Plus... if you act now, you will receive these special bonuses for FREE.

BONUS #1: Play By Ear Workbook (Valued at $57.00)

     Do assignments in this workbook with special commentary and notes to assist your learning. All the important information taught in the videos are already included in this workbook so you can pay full attention to the lessons itself.

     A special checklist at the end of each exercise serves as a reminder to develop good playing habits. Plus, notations are printed at the end of the book should you ever need help completing the work.

BONUS #2: Play By Ear Songs CD (Valued at $47.00)

     The Play By Ear Songs CD contains all 16 songs used in the self-learning course for easy reference. You can listen to the songs as often as you need to practice as you follow along with the lessons. On top of that, it is spliced into manageable parts so you can immediately pick the sections you want to focus on.

     Each song is recorded in 3 versions: Its complete form, broken up sections, and as an accompaniment (also called “Music Minus One” or MMO). Every song is placed in its proper sequence so you don’t have to switch between tracks when doing one exercise after another. This will be the most important companion in training your Play By Ear techniques throughout the entire course. Now it’s yours for FREE.

BONUS #3: Practice Songs Lead Sheet Book & Accompaniment CD (Valued at $57.00)

     Designed to help practice the Play By Ear techniques, this Lead Sheet book contains 16 song outlines for you to do your own music arrangement. The accompanying CD will contain examples to guide the music improvisation process.

     Using the formulas taught in Play By Ear, you can now use them to compose and arrange your own songs with unique styles and minimal frustration.

BONUS #4: Play By Ear Scales Book (Valued at $57.00)

     This comprehensive book contains all 48 scales and its unique characteristics when you play them. It teaches you how to easily create your own scales and proper fingering on both hands for each key.

     Memory aids are included to help you recall the different major scales, minor scales and key signatures. You can even print your own flash cards (included at the end of the book) to test your scales mastery as you become better at playing them each day.

BONUS #5: Play By Ear Chords Book (Valued at $57.00)

     Everything you need to know about creating harmony, chords, and proper fingering is shown in this book. This book expands on the videos to a total of 144 types of chords and a special section on inversions to give your music a lot more sophistication.

     Exercises at the end of each chapter ensure you understood the chords thoroughly. This book is given to you for FREE as a special student of the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course.

SPECIAL BONUS: 30 Minute One-On-One  VIP Skype Coaching Session (Valued at $75.00)

     Even before our Skype Coaching Session you would already be playing easily on both hands and making your own music. But to make sure you get the best learning experience possible, I am giving you a complimentary “Skype Coaching Session” with one of my certified Play By Ear coaches for FREE!

      Just set up a webcam and Skype account at no cost and you can ask any questions and get all the answers you need to improve your playing. Once an appointment has been set, my certified Play By Ear coach will help you check your technique, provide valuable feedback, and even make adjustments to your playing until your problems are solved.

     No commuting, no traffic jams, and no headaches. Normally to work with my team this would easily cost you $75 per half hour plus expenses – and that’s if our schedule is not already fully booked. But because you are a special student in this program, you get special priority absolutely FREE.

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     If you knew me personally and believed what I can do for you, you would find it easier to invest in the Play By Ear Self-Learning course. Frankly, I don’t want you to gamble your money either. That’s why I want you to test out the Play By Ear Self-Learning course for yourself on my risk. And if that’s not enough, I will protect you with my 90 day money back guarantee!

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     You don’t have to take my word that the Play By Ear Self-Learning course can make you play the piano quickly and easily – even if you have no experience with music. Just test it for yourself for a full 90 days at ZERO risk.

     You have nothing to worry about because I will protect your investment in 3 ways:

  1. Your results are guaranteed. If you don’t play the piano better...  if you don’t notice a drastic improvement in your skills...  if you don’t enjoy playing and loving music even more...  or if you cannot improvise,  then simply email me – even until the last minute of the 90 days - and I will rush the money back to you . No questions asked, no delays, no hard feelings either.

  2. The Play By Ear Self-Learning course is the easiest learning tool to use. If you don’t think this course demystifies and clears up A LOT of confusion... if you don’t think the explanation helps you understand music in simple, plain English... if you don’t feel more at ease playing the piano, then simply ask for your money back.

  3. I will stand by my guarantees, no exception. I have honoured refund policies to students who could not benefit from the Play By Ear course since teaching music 27 years ago (proof below). Those cases are rare, but I simply don’t enjoy taking money if my students are not benefitting from what I have to offer. They get their money back even after I delivered several private lessons to them. My money back guarantees are as true as gold and this one is no different.

Dennis Heng
Alex Leow (right) refunding the full tuition fee to
Dennis Heng (left) upon recommendation by the instructor.

     Take the first step now to play music by ear. With my strong personal guarantee and the savings I’m giving, you simply cannot lose. The only regret you will have is you didn’t discover this 3 years ago. If you had this self-learning course back then, playing your own songs on the piano would be a dream come true and a permanent reality for the rest of your life.

     You will never get younger, but you can start now. It’s not too late so don’t you dare cheat yourself from playing the piano and enjoying every moment of it. I assure you, once you start this journey, you will only look back with a smile on your face.

     Look, if you are already an accomplished musician who can play difficult pieces without breaking into a sweat, compose breathtaking songs, and replay any piece of music after hearing it once, then you no longer need the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course.

     On the other hand, if you are a beginner with no music experience, if you always dream of playing the piano but didn’t think you can, or even if you are an ex-music student who wants to get a second chance at learning piano, then this is the best opportunity to make that dream come true. All you need is some passion for music and you can start playing.

     Here’s what I want you to do. Click the “Add To Cart” button below. You will be directed to a 100% secured and hacker proof page. Fill in your personal information and payment details to enrol and get immediate access to the Play By Ear Self-Learning Course.

     When you download this course for the first time, it will be exactly what you are looking for. Then, take the next 90 days to decide if the Play By Ear course does everything I said it will for you. And because you can use this risk free for over 90 day, your investment is only $1.67 a day – less than a cup of Starbucks coffee!

     As Vincent would always say to our students: “Music Acquired Has To Be Shared”. Wouldn’t you enjoy sharing your music and making those special occasions a memorable one for family and friends? Do this for yourself right now and be proud that you made this decision.

     See the button above? The one that says “Add To Cart”? Click it. Invest in yourself. Now.

To Your Musical Enjoyment,


P.S. This is the fastest learning tool any beginner can use to play the piano like a true professional – even if you hate to practice. Remember, there’s over $1006.00 worth of valuable piano training in this course to help you play. If you choose, you can have everything else in this program for free too.

P.P.S. For a full 90 days, I’m shouldering all the risk and protecting you with a solid money back guarantee. If you are not playing the piano twice as good, if you’re not skilful in playing your own music, or if you don’t continue to enjoy every moment at the piano, then I urge you to ask me for a full refund because I believe in this technique so much and it will deliver you results.

P.P.P.S. At this point, you can close this page and pretend you never met me, or you can click on the “Add To Cart” button above and start playing your own music for the rest of your life. You will receive the music education of a lifetime. Whatever you do, make a decision and stop delaying because this opportunity will just one day disappear. 90 days from now, you could be playing beautiful music with both hands, or listening to others play with envy. Now is the time to make the right choice.