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We know that music school owners have dreams - to be a premier school with many high quality students; good management control and yet the owner have a good, well balanced, quality life, especially with his/her family and children. Yet, for many 8000 plus schools, the dream seems very far off, and many have to change their mission and vision after many years of struggling.

For that, in 2011, we created a second legacy (1st legacy is at bottom paragraph): a powerful Education and Management system to help music schools to expand and grow their business to another level previously difficult to achieve via present means. With this system, they will be the BEST MANAGED and MOST EFFECTIVE in THEIR REGION. If you are a music school owner reading this, you are invited to participate.

Every music school we visited highlighted some or all the following issues:

  • Teachers Leaving After Being Trained & Taking Students With Them
  • Hard To Get Qualified Teachers
  • Teachers Teach Differently From School's Expectations or Teach With Lowered Quality
  • Highly Competitive School Fees Resulting In Very Little Nett Profit thus resorting to Instruments Sales
  • Higher dropouts around Grade 3 to Grade 6 and onwards
  • Loose Control of Prospects (a gold mine)
  • Difficult Customer Retention

We eliminate most, if not all, of the above problems. Below are the solutions:

A highly enhanced semi-automated and refined Play By Ear Education System which can now be ADDED ON to your school curriculum. We can assuredly tell you it will enhance the results of your Graded Studies students to do better in their exams; and also to retain students who are about to drop out of music classes. There is also IP protection for the school as a bonus. In fact, plans are in the pipeline to apply this semi-automated system to all other regular courses so as to help the school manage to an even higher level!

The other component is the software based Management System: Greater systemisation has been put in place; group studies is now enabled (yet having the effect of individual tuition); greater control systems are also put in place; Coach and Teacher's issues is now mostly a problem of the past. The business owner can now have control of his/her company similar to the way MNCs used to have - without the high cost. You can have much better and more powerful control of your school than the currently largest school in Malaysia.

To kick this new system off, the founder of the Play By Ear Method (Alex Leow) will be going around Malaysia (overseas too) offering 10 FREE Play By Ear Licenses to interested music schools who want to implement a more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE way to teach music into their existing curriculum offerings & also to manage their school. These 10 will be his proving ground as to its viability.

He will be offering:

  1. 10 Initial Free Play By Ear Licenses (worth RM77,000 per License)
  2. 10 Cloud based School Management Softwares (originally worth more than RM100,000) to each participating music school.

Why is he offering a system worth RM177,000 free? Because it is in the initial implementation stage. Although the fundamental systems are at least 15 yrs old and in place, we still expect some teething problems. So, in exchange for working with the founder to iron out the problems, these licensees will get it FREE! Even after the usual 5 years contract, the license to these schools who work with him will still be free for perpetuity.

There is a basis how the Play By Ear Method complements the current system: People are divided into basically 3 categories - Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic. While the Visual can adapt well to Sight Playing designed by the Renaissance monks and later, the British, those in the Auditory & Kineaesthetic category may NOT find Sight Playing Method a good or easy experience. If electricity had existed during the Renaissance period, the music scenario may well have been different. They would probably used CDs and MP3s to learn music! It is known that the Auditory and Kineaesthetic people comprises a VERY SIGNIFICANT amount of the population. It is also known that this is the reason why 7 or 8 out of 10 students seldom make it beyond the 3rd to 6th Grade of mainstream exams. Having both alternatives can be complementary and can enhance the image, reputation and prestige of the centres concerned. For music schools, it also means the higher possibility of customer retention. This means that the school owner do not have to expend greater effort and money to draw in more customers.

Practically everything about this method has been systemized and made easy to implement, manage and teach. Even the School Management Software System is in place to help the business owner manage the system. It can even allow the school owner MORE FREEDOM instead of having to be always present at the school - he and his key personnel can monitor performance from anywhere in the world as long as there is decent internet connection.

Alex Leow will be offering the Licence & Management System for FREE until target is achieved. Terms and conditions will apply. If you know anybody interested, please let us know at or call/sms 012-2826219; or get them to call us.

* First Legacy: In 1985 (Unofficial) and 1996 (Official), the Play By Ear Method legacy was created which gave people another avenue to enjoy learning and playing music minus the need to read music notation - and more by ear (hearing) and feelings & yet get a certification for it. (We bring in the notations part later.) This is especially for people who are uncomfortable and cannot adapt to the current music education system - mostly adults and 2/3 of the minors population. There is always be a number of people like that.

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