What Are The Requirements of a PBE Coach?

PBE Coach Licence

Play By Ear Coaches must be trained in our system and are certified on a year to year basis dues to its rapid development in teaching methods. He/she must also be performance based i.e. A real musician,...more a musician than academic. Then only is he/she qualified to advise one who wants to play for fun and enjoyment. Below is the image of the yearly certificate awarded to our coaches:

Important things to note are:

  • The year the coach is certified to teach. Outdated certs means that the coach has only learnt the outdated techniques and may not be updated on the latest developments.
  • The name of the coach.
  • The courses he/she is certified to teach
  • Authorized signature
  • Serial Number of the certificate
  • If the coach does not have the cert displayed or is not current, he/she is not from Play By Ear and the company bears no responsiblities as to the results of his/her coaching.

If you are interested to be a Play By Ear coach, whether Part-time/Full-time


- Ability to Play By Ear & improvise (without the need of notations)

- Possess good working attitude

- Show passion in music & teaching


Successful candidates will undergo rigorous training in the Play By Ear Method™

Interested parties email your resume to: enquiry@playbyear.com.my


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