About Us

Our Vision

Now, everybody can understand how to make music easily!

Our Mission

To make this method available through music schools and institutions; enabling them to cover a wider spectrum of students; to enable to them enhance themselves in quality and profitablity.

Alex Leow - The Founder

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Alex Leow initially started as a self taught musician at the age of 9 when he discovered that he could play any music he heard without the use of music notations. He found it more fulfilling than the mainstream music lessons given by a tutor that his father hired to teach him privately and later, was motivated to compile and systemize the method so that others can acquire this skill. 

His career in music began when in 1979, as a product demonstrator for a large music company. In 1985, he came to the realization that many music students are missing out on that one vital ingredient that makes music enjoyable, meaningful, fun and rewarding. Thus he formed the company “Play By Ear Sdn. Bhd.” to champion the cause. The media has noticed and published this method in 1996.

Besides being a musician & music educator, he is also IT savvy and created a CRM to manage practically every aspect of the company. Licensees, coaches and authorized personnel can have access to the company system worldwide without having to be physically present at the office. Alex Leow, after viewing the scenery of the music industry fo 26 years, believes that he should, as a legacy to the music industry, offer what he has created it to other music schools to help them up to another level). "It is no point being selfish to keep something good to yourself when you can add value to your fellow beings" he opined.

The Late Dr Vincent Lee - Operations Director

Vincent Lee

Vincent KL Lee (deceased 2009), a former government school teacher and insurance company manager, began his career as a music coach in Play By Ear Sdn. Bhd. Over the years, he became a management consultant for Play By Ear. In 2007, he was appointed as Play By Ear Sdn Bhd's Operations Director, in order to bring the company to its new vision. He is also head of MMRM (Malacca Music Revival Movement). With this appointment, MMRM and Play By Ear has now forged a very close knit relationship that we foresee as a tremendous boost to the music scene in Klang Valley. 

The Play By Ear Team

The Team

In order to achieve the goals that we have set, a formidable team had to be put together. This team would comprise visionaries who share the same passion for music and are proficient "by ear" musicians. They need to have a burning desire to withstand the winds of change that is coming and be dedicated to the end. From these ranks too, we have brought together very special individuals who not only displayed musicality that is beyond doubt but are also experts in areas that would ensure success like marketing, corporate management and administration.

Through the concerted effort of every employee or partner in the company, Play By Ear Sdn. Bhd. has evolved into a highly motivated team that works in synergy to ensure that clients get their expected results. We believe that a satisfied customer is the best form of advertising. 

Our Future Plans with the Community 

In regards to this, we have started creating alliances with many establishments such as shopping malls, hotels and resorts, colleges and universities, schools and also NGOs so that we can tap the vast resources and expertise of MMRM, to create music events that would benefit the masses in Klang Valley. 


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