• We have trained celebrities like Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, Dato Elyas Omar, Tan Koon Swan, Dato Jaffar Indot, etc.
  • We were in the Malaysian Book of Records as having the most number of Pianists (65) playing for the Founder’s Wedding.
  • We have set up a Charity to sponsor the music education of underprivileged Blind or Visually impaired children. To date we have 5 children being given the skill with the hope that it becomes a career option. We also 3 visually impaired or blind adults being trained to be music coaches. This project is done together with MAB (Malaysian Association for the Blind).

The company has expanded from a 1 centre operation in Subang Jaya to 7 centres (Kepong, USJ, Kajang, Ipoh, Bintulu, Sibu and Sarikei) in the pipeline in the near future. The initial centre is now the administrative centre to service all the future licensees. It has also expanded from a Piano/Keyboard based music education system to become a “1 stop Music Enrichment Centre” offering all contemporary musical instruments – e.g. Drums, Guitars, Digital Keyboards, Online Interactive Learning, etc.

  • It has participated in various corporate fairs e.g. ITEX, S&T Expo, NAPEI,etc.
  • Currently Play By Ear Sdn. Bhd. is embarking on Video Ebook Assisted Group Play By Ear Classes and will be offering 10 Licenses free to interested parties who wants to:
    1. Offer Play By Ear Courses to their students to expand their offering of courses and to help their students develop a good ear for music.
    2. To have better control of their schools using a Cloud based School Management Software.

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